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Millersport, OH 43046 

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Robert M. Funk


To obtain a position that takes advantage of my Unix/Linux and Internet skills, my experience with free/open-source software, my interest in leading-edge technologies, my dual abilities as system administrator and programmer, my attention to detail, my communications abilities, and my creativity. 


-        Ruby On Rails programming and deployment, since 2006

-        Web programming using PHP and Perl, since 1997

-        Primary programming languages: Ruby (since 2006); Perl, shell, C (all since 1994); PHP (2004-2007, 2009)

-        Some experience with other programming languages: Javascript, Python, tcl/tk, Scheme and other LISPs, various assembly languages

-        HTML/CSS and web design experience since 1995

-        SQL database queries and MySQL administration, since 2003

-        Specialization in email and mail server architecture, using Postfix SMTP server, Dovecot POP/IMAP server, and Hastymail webmail; as well as past experience with Sendmail, Exim, Courier‑Imap, Cyrus‑Imapd, WU‑Imapd, and Qpopper

-        Spam-filtering using Postfix, Spamassassin, greylisting, realtime blacklists, and Bayesian filtering

-        Web server architecture using Apache, nginx, thttpd

-        DNS server experience

-        Computer/network/code security mindset, practiced since approx. 1996

-        Firewall design since 1999, with IPfilter, iptables, ipchains

-        I have been using various flavors of Unix and Linux since 1992, been system administrator on them since 1995, and been network administrator of them since 1997.

-        My current preferred systems are Debian and Ubuntu, but the ones in which I have system administration experience are:

-        Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Slackware

-        OpenBSD, Solaris, Irix, SunOS, Digital Unix, NetBSD, Ultrix, HP-UX

-        Set up thin clients using the Linux Terminal Server Project

-        Taught Introduction to Unix workshops

-        Document preparation experience using LaTeX and troff

-        Digital image manipulation experience using GIMP (comparable to Photoshop) and other software tools, PostScript programming (by hand), page layout experience using PageMaker, and expertise in various document and image storage formats, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and conversion among them

-        Contributing to free software projects since 1998; I am a backup maintainer for the Fetchmail program, and have had patches accepted by numerous other projects

-        Technical support experience since 1994, including supporting/mentoring new Linux/Unix administrators and supporting TCP/IP network connectivity on Windows and Macintosh

-        Communication: clear and correct English writing ability


Bachelor of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1998 

Employment History

Odyssey Consulting / Tracermedia Interactive        Jan 2009 – Mar 2009

Web Developer 

As part of a small team, I developed an AJAX-based tool, based on an existing framework, to assist teachers of remedial reading programs in tracking student reading progress. 

-        Programmed in Javascript/Prototype and PHP/Zend.

-        Maintained code in a local Git repository and a central Subversion repository.

-        Also diagnosed company network problems, including cross-platform PPTP connectivity and server visibility between LAN and WAN.

WRL Advertising        Sep 2004 – Dec 2008

Senior Web Developer / Network Administrator 

WRL is a small advertising firm with a 50+ year history and a fast-paced environment.  In my time there, WRL's web department doubled its technical staff and grew to rival its traditional advertising business, and hosted most of the sites it designed.  While there I:

-        Planned, purchased, set up, and maintained Debian Linux-based web and mail servers for hosting ~100 virtual domains

-        Implemented extensive anti-spam measures for email

-        Managed disk-based network server backups using rsync and rsnapshot

-        Migrated Rails applications from FastCGI to Mongrel, and from a custom deployment script to deployment with Capistrano

-        Wrote web applications in Ruby On Rails, PHP, and Perl

-        Customized existing web applications to meet client needs

-        Set up Subversion and CVS source code control systems, and began to experiment with the Git source code control system

-        Advised other programmers on best practices for coding

-        Assisted/advised graphic artists regarding web layout and image editing

-        Managed domain-purchasing and DNS issues

-        Managed a network of Mac OS X, Windows, Linux desktop machines, and Linux servers

-        Managed network expansion as the company expanded into new space

-        Hired, mentored, and managed new technical staff members

-        Migrated numerous domains from legacy Windows web and mail servers over to Linux servers, including translating ASP/VB into PHP, Access databases into MySQL, and improving the security of old code

-        Edited program guides for the annual Ohio LinuxFest, which hired WRL for graphics and media in 2005 through 2008

2Checkout.com Inc        Jul 2003 – Mar 2004

Contract Programmer 

2Checkout.com provides a web-based purchase system through which online vendors may sell their wares without dealing with secure online credit card transactions themselves.  I was part of a team assigned to rewrite the Perl-based web interface that the company is centered around.

-        Implemented online purchase interface using Perl, Template Toolkit, Apache mod_perl, and MySQL

-        Set up CVS source code repository, and wrote a tutorial to help other programmers become familiar with CVS

Secure Interiors Inc.        Jan 2001 – Nov 2002

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder 

I was involved in the technical side of starting Secure Interiors, a managed network security services company, actually beginning on the side in April 2000.  When actual employment began in January 2001, my responsibilities grew.  These included:

-        Involvement in designing almost all aspects of our complete solution

-        Setting up OpenBSD as a firewall for mass distribution

-        Writing and maintaining Perl and C programs to augment the firewall's functionality

-        Designing, configuring, customizing, and maintaining network servers (running OpenBSD and Linux), including: email server, bug-tracking system (Roundup), source code repository (CVS), network-based backup server (Amanda backup system).

The Ohio State University / Office of Information Technology        Jan 1997 – Sep 2000

Systems Developer/Engineer - Workstation Support Engineer 

As a workstation support engineer, my responsibilities included: 

-        Assisting campus Unix (Solaris, SunOS, Irix, Digital Unix/OSF1, Ultrix, Linux) users & system administrators

-        Making hardware and software recommendations both for internal use and for other Unix system administrators

-        Planning and teaching an "Introduction To Unix" course

-        Acting as central contact point for Unix vendor support

-        Evaluating and documenting new Unix software

-        Administration of Solaris, SunOS, Irix, Digital Unix, Ultrix, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Macintosh machines

-        Administration of servers for email, WWW, FTP, and NFS

-        Writing programs to support the above functions

-        Supervising a series of student employees

The Ohio State University / University Technology Services        Aug 1996 – Jan 1997

Student Programmer 3 - Workstation Support Consultant 

As a student workstation support consultant, my responsibilities included: 

-        Assisting campus Unix (Solaris, SunOS, Irix, Digital Unix/OSF1, Ultrix, Linux) system administrators

-        Assisting campus Unix users who have no other system administrator

-        Administration of Solaris, SunOS, Irix, Digital Unix, Ultrix, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Macintosh machines

-        Administration of  servers for email, WWW, FTP, and NFS

-        Writing programs to support the above functions

The Ohio State University / University Technology Services        Nov 1995 – Aug 1996

Student Programmer 3 - Lead MAGNUS/Homenet Consultant 

MAGNUS was the Unix (Ultrix) cluster that Ohio State once used to provide email and internet news abilities to the campus. My responsibilities as MAGNUS/Homenet consultant included: 

-        Writing and maintaining based programs to allow unprivileged support staff to securely do high-level tasks

-        Basic Unix system administration tasks

-        Dialup networking support for Windows, DOS, Macintosh, and Linux users, via telephone and email

The Ohio State University Department of Computer and Information Science        Sep 1995 – Dec 1995

Grader, CIS560: System Software 

CIS 560 is a class intended to teach students about system software, software design and testing, software system documentation, and technical writing. My responsibilities as grader included: 

-        Answering student questions about all aspects of class

-        Conducting reviews of student designs

-        Testing and grading thirty software projects

Rail Products International / National Electric Coil        Jul 1993 – Nov 1995

Engineering Assistant 

Wide range of responsibilities included: 

-        Maintaining and supporting three HP/UX 9 workstations

-        Supporting DOS/Windows users on a Novell network

-        Implementing a dBase interface to accounting system

-        Assisting with quality control documentation, including CAD drawings

Volunteer and Community Activities

Columbus Ruby Brigade        Nov 2007 – present

Attending Columbus Ruby Brigade meetings and related events has greatly expanded my vision of the state of the art in professional programming and application deployment, not only in Ruby but also in other modern languages. 

Ohio LinuxFest        Oct 2003, Oct 2004

I was a member of the team that organized the first annual Ohio LinuxFest (see http://www.ohiolinux.org/).  My responsibilities included designing and printing nametags and assisting with attendee registration.

Canton Linux Enthusiasts        Aug 2001 – Aug 2007

After joining this group, I quickly became widely respected there for my advice and assistance.  I also helped set up their Linux lab using the Linux Terminal Server Project to turn old computers into thin clients.

Central Ohio Linux User Group        Aug 1995 – present

As one of the senior members of this user group, I have spent a great deal of my time helping people with their Linux/Unix problems and questions, and am considered one of the more knowledgeable members there. 

Greater Columbus Free-Net        Jul 1994 – Dec 1996

Online Consultant 

As an online consultant, I answered questions that users sent to the help desk. 

The Independent (Central Ohio student newspaper)        Jan 1992 – Jan 1994

Events Editor / Copy Editor 

The Independent was an independent student newspaper distributed at Ohio State University and other colleges and universities in central Ohio. My responsibilities included:

-        Compiling and writing about campus events

-        Biweekly preparation and layout of a two-page spread

-        Assisting with page layout throughout the newspaper

-        Checking and correcting style, grammar, and spelling in stories throughout the newspaper