It's About Time!

  1. It’s About TimePat Dull & his Media Whores
  2. TimebombThe Royal Crescent Mob
  3. Worry About It LaterDogrocket (featuring Michelle Lundy)
  4. Take Yer Time (I’ll Be Around)Brownie Mary
  5. My TimeSophia
  6. Days And DaysConcrete Blonde
  7. WaitingTaxi Doll
  8. Can’t Hardly WaitThe Replacements
  9. Waiting For The DayThe Epicureans
  10. Wait WaitScamper
  11. Wasting All Your TimeDogrocket
  12. Clock SongScrawl
  13. The Eleventh HourRoom Nineteen
  14. Need More Timethe Epoxies
  15. Follow-Through TimeThe Reputation
  16. 7 Minutes (More Or Less)Dramarama
  17. Six MinutesRoom Nineteen
  18. Four MinutesRoger Waters
  19. 27 Seconds Of FlameEven In Blackouts
  20. SecondsU2
  21. It’s Too LateBob Mould
  22. Time After TimeSarge playlist

Inside liner notes:

It's About Time
Pat Dull & his Media Whores
from the 2000 single It's About Time; also on The Media Whores' 2002 CD Master of Pop Hits

The Royal Crescent Mob
from the 1991 album Midnight Rose's

Worry About It Later
unreleased; from the sessions for the 1996 CD
The More You Get, The More You Want
(song and vocals by Michelle Lundy)'s.html

Take Yer Time (I'll Be Around)
Brownie Mary
from the 1994 CD That's Me

My Time
from the 2001 CD-single "Start Anew"

Days And Days
Concrete Blonde
from the 1990 album Bloodletting

Taxi Doll
from the 2004 CD Waiting...

Can't Hardly Wait
The Replacements
from the 1987 album Pleased To Meet Me

Waiting For The Day
The Epicureans
from the 1994 CD Little Man
(This band is from Columbus OH, and should not be confused with the UK band of the same name.)

Wait Wait
from the 2004 CD Leave Your Glasses On

Wasting All Your Time
from the 1996 CD
The More You Get, The More You Want's.html

Clock Song
from the 1998 CD Nature Film;
original version on the 1991 album Bloodsucker

The Eleventh Hour
Room Nineteen
from the 1998 EP Final Exit

Need More Time
from the 2002 CD Epoxies

Follow-Through Time
The Reputation
from the 2004 CD To Force A Fate.

7 Minutes (More Or Less)
from the sessions for the 1991 album Vinyl; released on the 1993 promo album 10 from 5; also on the 1996 CD The Best Of Dramarama: 18 Big Ones

Six Minutes
Room Nineteen
from the 1993 CD Heretics

Four Minutes
Roger Waters
from the 1987 album Radio K.A.O.S.

27 Seconds Of Flame
Even In Blackouts
from the 2003 CD Myths & Imaginary Magicians

from the 1983 album War

It's Too Late
Bob Mould
from the 1990 album Black Sheets Of Rain

Time After Time
b-side of the 1997 single "Stall";
also on the 2000 CD distant

Compiled by Rob Funk <>.

Front cover photo by Chris Metcalf.
Back cover photo by Cinty Ionescu.