Originally inspired by a discussion of the Kinks' song "Lola"....

Girls & Boys And Other Options

  1. Boys And GirlsKill Hannah
  2. Cynical BoyBig Hello
  3. Cynical GirlMarshall Crenshaw
  4. September GurlsBig Star
  5. Tell It To My GurlPat Dull & his Media Whores
  6. Too Bad About Your GirlThe Donnas
  7. Tell That Girl To Shut UpHolly & the Italians
  8. Girls Kick AssThe Its
  9. Boys Can Be DumbBig Hello
  10. All Boys WantWonderlick
  11. Les BoysDire Straits
  12. Cute For A GirlAlix Olson
  13. I Kissed A GirlJill Sobule
  14. Fast GirlsSarge
  15. Rock & Roll GirlThe Muffs
  16. AndrogynousJoan Jett and the Blackhearts
  17. As Girls GoSuzanne Vega
  18. LolaMadness
  19. I’m A BoyThe Who
  20. A Boy Named SueJohnny Cash
  21. Now I’m Your MomDavid Byrne
  22. Be My Girl — SallyThe Police
  23. Coin-Operated BoyThe Dresden Dolls
  24. Girls And BoysBlur

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